captivesEmily Murdoch has created an exemplary character with grace and fortitude and placed her in a story that does not play by the rules of historical romance or historical fiction. My expectations were foiled at every turn – in a good way. I had no idea where Murdoch was taking the story, proving enough convincing twists to prevent me from putting the novel down. We meet with romance and tragedy; friendship and enmity.

– Evan M. Ostryzniuk

a-june-weddingI really enjoyed this book! It’s a beautifully written romance with memorable characters and a good storyline. While it has clearly been written by someone who knows a great deal about the Regency period, the story isn’t weighed down by historical detail – far from it, it maintains a lively pace and it keeps a light-hearted tone.

– L. Austin

love-lettersAs usual with Emily Murdoch, there is suspense, danger and misunderstandings. It kept me reading with its twists and turns. Highly recommended trilogy.

– Amazon purchaser

a-valentine-secretThis lady: Emily Murdoch is turning an old cynic like me into a reader of girly books. Perhaps they are, but I like them a lot when written like this. A massive relief from the toils of real life: Oxbridge Johnathan Brodie falls for the mysterious, beautiful Penelope while buying flowers in a florist in his home town, when the lady in his life is just his mum. Plot twists follow, and I won’t spoil the plot except to say don’t look for misery in books by Emily Murdoch. I shall read more and recommend others to do the same.

– John Drake

seasons-of-love-omnibusHow does she do it? All three are wonderful little novellas which I thoroughly recommend. I must admit that my personal favourite was A Harvest passion but they are all so tremendous. The author makes these two lead characters so interesting that I was immediately hooked from the first page to the last.

– D G Adkins

conquestsA war of love and hate rages within each heart in this fascinating, raw, and honest tale. Just as the emotions and feelings of the heart are unpredictable, unexpected turns in the plot compel you to read on.

– Elsy

conquered-heartsThe story is layered with many themes and the characters are easy to keep track of, not always such an easy task in a historical novel, so well done to Emily Murdoch.

– LS


Emily Murdoch is an historian, writer and author, all three abilities showing vividly in this novella. From the wonderful period details and language of the era, right to the excellent way the words easily weaves a story of warmth, romance and humour.

– Karen Baxter, Top 500 Review on Amazon UK, Vine Voice

a-harvest-passionThe path of true love being by no means smooth, we have an unexpected denouement. Murdoch treats her fictional characters with gentle and rewarding sympathy, and I am particularly impressed by the care with which she paces her paces the scenes and fills them with an authentic Regency background.

– Garry O’Connor