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A man with nothing to lose, and a woman with everything to gain – and neither trusts the other an inch…

Count Anthony of Stratham almost drowned, and that’s the second worst thing that happened to him this week.

Now dragged into a courtroom battle with the owner of the ship that sank, the twenty-eight-year-old Count seizes his chance for a better life – by blackmailing his adversary’s daughter.

All it takes is one invitation; all it takes is one night of passion.

But Nerissa isn’t ready to be ruined, by the devilishly handsome Count or anyone else, and she has more than enough tricks up her sleeve to take on the bankrupt lord.

Will Count Anthony stick to his resolve to ruin and blackmail his archenemies daughter? Or will Nerissa discover that there is more than one way to survive a catastrophe with a Count?

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