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A man disowned by his family and a woman with absolutely no interest in him – and their kidnappers have left them all alone…

Sir Edmund Northmere doesn’t have a family. Not after they disowned him and stripped him of his earldom, leaving him miserable, alone, and without the protection of his name.

But when celebrating his five and twentieth birthday, he’s in for a shock: a woman who plays the cards as well as he does. Which might have been useful, if their mutual kidnappers cared about cards.

Locked in a bedroom with no way out and nothing to do but talk, Miss Molly Kimble is determined to ignore him. There’s nothing Edmund likes more than a challenge.

Will Sir Edmund Northmere escape the kidnappers before they take their prices for his life – and what is Miss Molly Kimble doing tangled up in this mess, anyway? Can being kidnapped with a knight lead to new possibilities after a night of forbidden passion?

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