Click here to buy Love Letters, or read below to find out more! Anglo-Saxon England.

Having built a rich empire and keen to win the favour of the royal court, Hilda and Ælfgard have little time for their daughter, Catheryn.

But one man, Selwyn, is intrigued by the intelligent and high-spirited girl.

Selwyn sends Catheryn a love letter as a joke, disguising it as though it is from one of her father’s thanes.

Catheryn is fascinated by the letter, and cannot imagine who would be capable of sending a poem of such imagination and beauty.

When Selwyn offers to help Catheryn identify the mysterious suitor, she accepts, and they start to realise that they have more in common than they thought.

Soon, Catheryn finds herself falling in love with Selwyn instead…

But the strict hierarchy of Anglo-Saxon England stands in their way.

Selwyn, a steward, could never be considered Catheryn’s equal, let alone an eligible suitor.

Will they manage to stay together despite the odds?

Or will duty tear Selwyn and Catheryn apart? Read Love Letters to find out…

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