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Everyone deserves their happily ever after…

Victoria Walsingham is head over heels in love with Isaac Quinn, the son of the Duke of Daventry, and she can’t imagine spending the rest of her life with anyone else.

But when Isaac admits that, despite his feelings for her, he cannot possibly marry the daughter of a country doctor, Victoria is left heartbroken.

However, when her brother unexpectedly inherits the title of the Earl of Cheshire, Victoria’s life is transformed and she is thrown into high-society.

Despite her mother’s best efforts, theendless balls and social engagements of the London season have little impact on Victoria.

Her heart will only ever belong to Isaac.

When they finally return home at the end of the season, much to Victoria’s relief, she finds an invitation awaiting her.

An invitation to the wedding of Mr Isaac Quinn and a Miss Hestia Royce.

With Victoria’s heart breaking all over again, she must deal with the added hardship of seeing Isaac at every turn.

As events unfold, Victoria finds herself spending more and more time with Isaac, reigniting the spark of passion they once felt for each other into a bright, burning flame.

But with Isaac’s wedding only a matter of days away, is Victoria playing with fire?

With time running out, will Victoria ever get her happy ending?

A June Weddingis a heart-warming regency romance about the battle between head and heart – click on the image above to read more!

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