loves chance

Do you believe in second chances?

Katherine Morrison’s elopement at 16 ended badly – and there’s only one occupation for a fallen woman in 1841. Too ashamed to return to her family and too destitute to avoid the work that shames her, she puts her faith in the Lord that he will save her from her own mistakes. But when a customer collapses before her work is done, she has a chance of returning back to the life that she wanted.


But that life is gone. Her sister Elizabeth has moved on, and Thomas Bryant has his own agenda. He’s fallen for the delicate yet fierce woman who seems to have a past that even he cannot untangle. When a chance letter reveals the location of Katherine’s sister at Thomas’ family orchard, they cannot help but grasp at the opportunity to find their families again.

Could the chances that continue to come their way be more than just coincidence?

And can either of them find any happiness in the lives that they have chosen?

This is the second in the Sweet Grove Beginnings series that explores just how the town of Sweet Grove was planted.

You can read the first book, ‘Love’s Journey’, to discover how Thomas Bryant’s older brother is desperately trying to keep Sweet Grove alive.

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