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Seasons of Love

Throughout the year, there are plenty of opportunities to fall in love – whether at masquerade Christmas balls, summer parties on the lawn, or even meeting a complete stranger on the beach…

Over 80,000 happy readers of this series! Why not join them?

Sweet Grove Stories

A family orchard is lost, and the five Bryant siblings are scattered across Texas – but in 1848, they’re brought together by a sense of belonging and the romances that surprise them…

Conquered Hearts

1069. England has changed irrevocably, and as two nations attempt to blend, one family faces making difficult choices.

My first ever series!

Sweet historical romance

Looks across a room, fingers brushing past, conversations that go on into the night…

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I love Emily Murdoch and her writing style. I am enchanted with her unique turn of phrase throughout the book that keeps a smile in my heart throughout the book…

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Medieval romance

The series starter for my medieval romance series.

Book 1 for free

Try the first novel of my Seasons of Love series!

Series starter

Lose yourself in the Bryant family drama…

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