loves blossom

How can love blossom if it’s not tended?

Abigail Bryant is the youngest of the Bryant tribe, and the most ignored – which is just how she likes it. Tending her herb garden is the way that she can support the growing town without talking too much to anyone, but the arrival of the new doctor demands a different kind of herb, and she needs seeds.

Enter Laken Weston, a travelling tinker who refuses to put down roots but has the exact seeds that Abigail needs, along with the know-how to get them to grow. Her embarrassment almost overcomes her, but they strike a deal: he stays for the growing season, and he receives free bed and board. And then he leaves.

But affection, like their seeds, finds a warm and welcoming home, and soon love starts to blossom between them. But like any new plant, without God’s face to smile upon it, that growth can wither and die.

Abigail’s fear and Laken’s restlessness threaten to become the weeds that may smother any joy that may thrive between them, and without the support of Sweet Grove and the faith they cling to, they may never see love blossom.

This is the fifth and last book in the Sweet Grove Beginnings series which tells the story of how the town of Sweet Grove was planted. Missed out on the beginning? Don’t panic! Head to the beginning now!

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