I absolutely love speaking with my readers, and sometimes I know you have questions about my books, my series, how I write, and more – so this is your time to ask me!

I am going to have this blog comments section open forever, so whenever you have a question, just pop it in the comments and I promise to answer them truthfully!

9 Comments on “Ask me anything!

  1. I just read Always the Chaperone and LOVED it. Now, I am burning with curiosity about Mercia’s missing sister, Honore. Please tell me there is a sequel on her story. I’d love to read that one too.

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      • Here’s my 5 star review of Always a Courtesan, posted in Goodreads and Amazon. Now, on to the others in this series. My only complaint: I have never gotten off on scenes of graphic sexual activity but hold my nose and skim through those. The book still deserves 5 stars for writing style, plot, and characters. Bravo.


  2. Is Bath a bustling city? How far is it from London? I have never been to England and I think if I visit I would like to stay away from London and visit smaller towns. Any suggestions.


    • Hello hello! Bath is a gorgeous small city, packed with historical architecture and the most delicious cafes! Depending on how you travel, it’s about 2-3 hours from London.

      Bath is very bustling, a popular tourist destination. It’s also close to less popular but (arguably) prettier, Wells! It’s the smallest city in England – I think! – and it’s gorgeous.


  3. We visited Bath in 2017 and I was surprised at how compact it was as the Avon River wraps around it. Visited the Jane Austen museum, pump room, Cheap street, Roman baths, Pulteney bridge. I could have stayed a week but we only had a couple of days. Such history and beauty!


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