I cannot be the only one who is excitedly awaiting Bridgerton Season 2 – BUT I am probably one of the few people on the planet who has never read Julia Quinn’s books.

Don’t hate me! I have avoided her books because I never wanted to be so inspired by her work that I would accidentally borrow bits from her books. You have no idea how difficult it is, as an author, to prevent yourself from having a brilliant idea, working it into your plot…and then realising a month later that it was actually something you read seven years ago.

That means, of course, that I have absolutely no idea what is going to happen in Season 2. I don’t know what’s in the original books. I haven’t a clue.

And that means I get to make wild predictions of things I want!

  1. The Duke (and I) go on a Grand Tour: I would love to see Daphne see Europe through the eyes of a young mother. Sure, she’s got a kid, but loads of women travelled in those days, even with children! I want to see Regency Rome, Regency Paris!
  2. Anthony gets himself in a tangle: it seems clear to me that this is going to be his series, but I can’t imagine how he will get himself married after his affair with his opera singer. Maybe he’ll be compromised too? Maybe he’ll meet a woman he simply cannot live without?
  3. Eloise will not discover Lady Whistledown’s identity: I really hope she doesn’t! It would be so much more interesting if she remains ignorant – cue hilarious scenes, I hope!
  4. Lady Bridgerton finds a gentleman friend: yes, her true love has gone, but wouldn’t it be sad if she never found any sort of companionship again? I predict she’ll meet a roguish silver fox who tempts her into something delicious, even if she never allows herself to succumb.
  5. The heir to the Featherington estate is…: someone we haven’t seen, I presume – hopefully someone ridiculously dashing who can marry Prudence.

Whatever happens, I know I am going to absolutely love the season – and please, no spoilers in the comments! What do you hope will happen?

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