With every passing day, I can feel autumn in the air more and more.

I’m a summer gal. I like to be so warm that I’m not entirely sure whether I need to have a cold shower or a cold gin and tonic (usually both, but one after another). I love long evenings, that lovely sense of calm as the evening comes, and lounging around in the afternoon with a good book.

But I love winter.

Who doesn’t? Crisp mornings, reading books under a blanket (there’s a theme here…), and of course, Christmas and my birthday!

But that means I have to suffer through autumn to get there.

I know loads of people who love autumn (my husband included!), and they are getting all sorts of excited now that the days are chiller and leaves are starting to fall. My red roses are almost over, and I’m starting to pull out the jumpers.

And that means I need some new book recommendations! Give me your autumn romance recommendations in the comments below!

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