One of the things that I absolutely love when I’m reading is getting stuck down a trope hole.

What’s a trope hole, I hear you ask? (Great question.)

A trope hole, in my humble opinion, is when you get so obsessed with a particular trope – amnesia romance, second chance lovers, friends to enemies – and you realise you cannot actually stop reading it.

Like, cannot stop.

So after you’ve read all of the books with this trope that are easy to find, you end up frantically reading blurbs or asking friends for recommendations because if you don’t read another royal romance…

Well, the world would end 😅

I wrote my first ever amnesia trope romance in A Governess of Unusual Experience and I had so much fun writing it – because I have so much fun reading them! There is something so powerful and interesting in a couple who have such an odd power dynamic; not because they have done that on purpose, but because circumstances mean that one of them simply doesn’t remember the other.

But now that I’m all amnesia troped out, I’m looking for my next trope to get obsessed with! Let me know in the comments, or in a social comment, and I can pick my favourite to get nerdy about 🤓

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