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Writing historical romance during #BlackLivesMatter

I don’t want this blog to be long. I’m a definite benefactor of white privilege, and I want to encourage you read more authors of colour. So instead of me talking about how #BlackLivesMatter, let’s all do something. Let’s support historical romance authors of colour, who write INCREDIBLE historical romance! THE COST OF LOVE BOXED SET: by G. S. Carr Carr’s attention to emotional … Read More Writing historical romance during #BlackLivesMatter


The medieval romance novel I thought I’d never write

If you’re looking for a medieval romance novel you’re expecting knights in shining armour, jousting, and at least three feasts. Right? Well, that’s what I always thought. I’d loved medieval history, literature, architecture, art, music – the works – since before I can remember. I studied it at university first as an undergraduate and then as a postgraduate, and when I starting writing my … Read More The medieval romance novel I thought I’d never write

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My favourite medieval romance novels

As well as being an author, I am of course a reader! There are so many incredible medieval romance novels out there and there is no better time than to start exploring this fascinating and romantic period of history than right now. Whether you’ve read these before and want to relive them, or you’re about to dive into medieval romance novels for the first … Read More My favourite medieval romance novels