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What’s on my desk?

Today I thought I’d share a snapshot of my desk!


Author update: writing after COVID

Again, if you’re not in the right head space for hearing about COVID, please skip this blog and I’ll see you next week!


Recovering (slowly!) as an author with COVID

Hey lovely readers! If reading about more COVID things aren’t good for your mental health right now, please feel free to skip this one!

As many of my readers know, I had COVID at the very beginning of March and I got it bad. Not hospitalisation bad, but bedridden for a week, vomming, chest pain and shallow breathing bad.

So yeah. Not good.


I’m award nominated (again!)

It is such a surprise to be nominated not once, not twice, but THREE times for a RONE Award in 2022!


Happy Mothering Sunday

I’m not a mother, but Mothering Sunday (Mother’s Day here in the UK) is not always about that. It’s about the power of motherhood, of maternal love, of caring for the mothers around us.


Bittersweet endings

Well, we’re only two weeks away from the last book in my Governess Bureau series being published (that’s A Governess of Wise Years, in case you missed it!) and I am feeling very bittersweet.


New Year’s Goals!

Well, it’s officially 2022! My first full year that I will be a full time author, and so I am taking some seriously time to think about what my goals are for this year.


I’m calling it: plants are the best

I was never the sort of person, growing up, that had green fingers. This was a little odd in my family; my mother is an incredibly keen gardener, and her parents were professional horticulturalists. It’s in my roots!


Writing the best fight scenes

If you’re here for swords, then I’m afraid this isn’t the blog post for you – though I do have a few, and they are beautiful!

No, today I’m thinking more about the difficulty of writing a good argument.


What’s your favourite Disney film?

Now, I’m not saying Disney+ is the best thing ever.

Not unless they sponsor me 😂

But seriously, having access to it has made it possible to meander down memory lane almost every evening if I want to…


Why I love being an author

The world is starting to open up again, and I had a wonderful time with some family a few weeks ago. Nothing complicated; good food, good wine, great conversation. We eventually meandered onto the topic of art, and what made a great artist. How some of hte best artists were not recognised or respected during their lifetime. How they were often ahead of their field, capturing the zietgeist of the culture at the time.


What’s your favourite summer read?

Well, it’s officially the height of summer, and I don’t know about you but I have so many fond memories of reading in this season.

When I was a child, my family would bundle everything up in our car and head to Enid Blyton country in the south of England. When I say I had idyllic holidays there, I mean it. Hiking, art galleries, cricket on the beach and ice creams on the banks of medieval castles…