Read now! Always the Mistress

You know how sometimes, there’s a character that you just can’t let go? You think she’s going to be a secondary character, just flitting in and out in the background, and then she grabs you and shakes you and hisses that you better give her a story or she’ll riot?

Yeah, that’s Miss Emma Tilbury.

She’s appeared in the background of almost all my Never the Bride series, and I knew that the series would never be finished if I didn’t give her an entire book of her own.

So that’s what I did. Make sure you grab this pre-order while it’s on sale at just 0.99!

Always the mistress and never the bride – and it never bothered her until now

Miss Emma Tilbury is notorious, and that’s just the way she likes it. As mistress to the rich and famous, she’s never short of cash or invitations – but after reaching thirty, a shock rejection makes her think again. Perhaps it’s time to look for another protector.

Abraham Fitzclarence – Fitz to his friends – believes in love and has had his eye for years on Miss Emma Tilbury. Forbidden fruit, delectable and sweet, he’s astonished when she takes a shine to him – and his heart is quickly lost despite all his attempts to remain aloof.

Emma needs a protector but Fitz intrigues her. Perhaps this is a man she could truly care for – as long as she doesn’t lose her heart. She’s determined to keep their relationship just business. He’s ready to leave all that behind her. There’s no end of pleasure at night but in the morning there’s nothing but disappointment.

Will Emma open her heart – and could Fitz be the one to do so? Or will her past follow her and prevent a happily ever after?

This full length novel is a steamy Regency romance with a happily ever after, no cliffhangers, and is part of a series that can be read in any order.

Read now! Always the Rebel

When was the last time you just wanted to scream and do things your own way?

I have this all the time. I’m known amongst my close family for my terrible temper, something that I try to keep hidden from most of my friends and definitely my work colleagues! Which is why I loved writing this book so much. Miss Sophia Worsley doesn’t get mad – she just does whatever she wants.

As usual, there are some cameos from other characters in this series and so many amazing moments that I laughed out loud when I was writing. I really hope you love it!

Always the rebel and never the bride – it’s down with men for this young lady

Miss Sophia Worsley never expected to be left at the altar, but two broken engagements was enough. Never again will she allow herself to be that vulnerable. It’s time to rebel against all that society expects of her. Though even at three and twenty, she knew wearing breeches at Almack’s were probably too much…

If there is one man bored of life, it’s Philip Egerton, Earl of Marnmouth. He’s seen it all and nothing can surprise him – though the woman laying down a Royal Flush with a grin is certainly new. Ah, a challenge. Finally something for Philip to sink his teeth into – though that’s not what he wants to sink into the delectable Miss Sophia Worsley.

He’s determined to have her. She’s turned her back on men and matrimony. Passions ignite as two challengers circle each other looking for a weakness.

But the rebellious Sophia may just have the upper hand as Philip loses his heart faster than he could have predicted. Will this rebellion end in tears?

This full length novel is a steamy Regency romance with a happily ever after, no cliffhangers, and is part of a series that can be read in any order.

Read now! Always the Widow

Okay, real talk: I think this is my favourite cover of my series so far! It’s so exciting to introduce you to Mrs. Howard – scandalously widowed, scandalously pregnant…

I always had so many readers asking me to do a surprise pregnancy story but I couldn’t find a character to fit it, until now! There are quite a few characters appearing from other Never the Bride stories too, so see if you spot any of them!

Yours for just 0.99, you should grab it now while it remains at this discounted price.

Always the widow and never the bride again – her one chance of happiness lost

Mrs. Elizabeth Howard had believed her marriage to be a love match; She was wrong. So when a stranger offers her something she simply cannot refuse, she consoles herself with the knowledge that no one will ever know.

Until nine months later. Because after her husband dies and leaves her a widow, Elizabeth does have some perks. She’s well-respected, of course, and no one questions whether the child is a Howard or not…

Jacob Beauvale, Lord Westray, thought nothing of his romantic entanglement with Elizabeth Howard last year, but her widowhood and his return to town with a fiancée brings a shock in the shape of a small child with his eyes.
Gossip starts to fly as Jacob ignores his intended to pursue a woman with a child – and Elizabeth knows the facts can never be known.

He’s determined to have the truth. She’s sworn all along that it was her late husband’s child. Knowledge is in the balance and neither will give up their ground.

Will the truth of that night be more dangerous if known – and can Elizabeth and Jacob talk long enough to keep their hands off each other?

This full length novel is a steamy Regency romance with a happily ever after, no cliffhangers, and is part of a series that can be read in any order.

Read now! Always the Matchmaker

I am so thrilled to share that the next book in my popular Never the Bride series is LIVE! This means you can now read the story of what happens to Miss Theodosia Ashbrooke.

Not going to lie, this is so exciting for me. I included Miss Ashbrooke in the very first book in this series and I knew that if the series really hit it off, then I would be able to tell her story.

And here it is! Get ready to strap in and enjoy Miss Ashbrooke’s story!

Always the matchmaker and never the bride – even when she’s found her perfect partner…

Miss Theodosia Ashbrooke does not believe there is anything greater than matching the perfect pair – and she’s become rather expert in it. Never mind that she’s never found the missing half to her own soul and body.

Perhaps that’s not her lot in life, even at the age of eight and twenty.

Her own failure is Albemarle Howard, Earl of Lenskeyn. He’s rude, he’s arrogant, he’s overly confident, and nothing Theodosia can do makes a difference. Albemarle has found his match though: and he is sure it is Theodosia.

He’s determined to have her. She’s not ready to accept defeat just yet. When you’ve always been right it’s impossible to accept that you’re wrong.

Can Theodosia step away from her matchmaker mindset for one minute and see the man in front of her – or will she lose him forever?

This full length novel is a steamy Regency romance with a happily ever after, no cliffhangers, and is part of a series that can be read in any order.

Think bluestockings are a thing of the past?

My latest release in my Never the Bride series, Always the Bluestocking, has Mariah Wynn as my heroine – a bluestocking who is desperate for education and furious that society forbids her from university.

I loved writing this book. Mariah is probably one of my heroines who is most like me, and so I had a great time being angry on her behalf – or was it that she was angry on my behalf?

Because I am angry. Although I was able to go to university for an undergraduate degree and even my masters, there are women and girls all over the world who are denied that right.

Bluestockings are not a thing of the past. There are millions of girls in countries in almost every continent who are not allowed to go to school, whether because they are needed at home, because they need to work, or because education isn’t seen as valuable for girls.

I’d really encourage you to look at Unicef’s website about girls’ education, which you can find here:

I look forward to the day when every girl can get a good education! In the meantime, I’m going to keep supporting Unicef and writing books that have strong, powerful, and amazing women.