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(Delayed) New Year’s Resolutions!

Okay, okay, I know I am massively late on this…but I was so excited about my new book, Don’t Judge a Duke by His Cover, that I almost forgot to tell you about my New Year’s Resolutions!


Always the Courtesan is on pre-order!

You know that book I mentioned that I’d finished? It’s now available for pre-order! Always the courtesan and never the bride – it’s a life she never chose and cannot escape… Indulge yourself in book 3 of the bestselling Never the Bride series. Read for FREE in Kindle Unlimited! Lady Honora Lennox hasn’t gone by that name in three years – not since she was abducted … Read More Always the Courtesan is on pre-order!


How do you write male characters?

I am asked a wide range of different questions about the way that I write, but the question that comes up most often is ‘How do you write male characters?’

It’s a great question, but it’s always a little irritating. I mean, I’ve never been a duchess either, but no one asks me how I manage to write those types of characters!

Basically what it all comes down to is three things, so if you want to write male characters, pull up a chair, and see whether these three tips can help you…


Announcing ‘Seduced under the Mistletoe’!

I am beyond excited to announce that I have partnered with 15 other historical romance authors to offer our readers the best Christmas gift ever: 16 steamy Christmas themed novellas for just 99c/99p! Entitled Seduced under the Mistletoe, this boxset will allow you to lose yourself in Viking romance, Regency romance, Victorian romance and more, all with a spicy edge and of course, a happily ever … Read More Announcing ‘Seduced under the Mistletoe’!


Holidaying as an author

When most people take a vacation, they set down tools, leave the office, wave goodbye to their colleagues, and turn their mind off from their work until they need to step back into work again. Not so with us authors. Our office is of the mind, and that means that it is almost impossible to completely abandon and try to switch off while you … Read More Holidaying as an author


Finishing a historical romance series

Well – it’s done. I’ve finished the Ravishing Regencies series. 

You may find that a little surprising, and don’t worry if you are one of my loyal Kickstarter fans, the books were (technically!) already written! As I shared with you a few months ago, I had this incredible idea of how to add something into the series…


Emily Murdoch Launching Kickstarter!

I am excited to reveal that I am launching a Kickstarter for my new series, Ravishing Regencies! This is a fantastic opportunity for you to get involved in not just a book, but a whole series – bringing it to life and working alongside me to get these Regency romance novellas ready for the world. 

Cover reveal: Sharon Ledwith

Fairy Falls was bores-ville from the get-go. Then the animals started talking…  Sharon Ledwith has a brand new series coming in June 2017 and today I am revealing the cover to you! Here is some information about the book: Kindle File Size: 667 KB Print Length: 203 pages Publisher: Mirror World Publishing; 1 edition Publication Date: June 17, 2017 ASIN: B0713S1DCR Read the blurb: … Read More Cover reveal: Sharon Ledwith

Medieval vs Regency

I started out as a medieval writer; someone who knew and loved the medieval period completely and utterly. I studied History and English at the University of York, UK, and the majority of that ended up being medieval and Early Modern. I revelled in what I learned of the medieval period, and I truly loved learning about the history, the politics, the food, the … Read More Medieval vs Regency

A Website Every Author Needs!

So, I’m not usually one to brag about discovering something fantastic (especially when I’m usually told about them), but I really want to dedicate this blog post to a website that I’ve started using which has been INCREDIBLE for me as an author. Intrigued? Carry on. I always find it irritating that I never know how many ebooks I have sold until my 6 … Read More A Website Every Author Needs!

Four Reasons No One is Buying Your Book

The great and terrible thing about books when you are an author is that there are so many of them. Like, literally thousands. Sometimes it can be really disheartening to see all of the millions (that’s what it feels like) of books that everyone else is buying and enjoying…whilst your book stays resolutely at 455,987 on Amazon. So what is it that everyone else … Read More Four Reasons No One is Buying Your Book

Considering Self-Publishing?

If you are reading this, the chances are that you are considering self-publishing your writing. This means foregoing the trappings of a literary agent and a publishing house, and instead being your own publishing house. Self-publishing is not a modern idea, although it certainly has become easier through the introduction of print on demand and epublishing. Sadly, it has somehow garnered a reputation of … Read More Considering Self-Publishing?