Hey guys – wherever you are hailing from, it is great to have you!

As part of my recent blog tour, I recently ran a competition for five people to win one of my books. I was absolutely blown away by the sheer numbers of people who entered; not only because there was a huge number, but because they were based in countries from all over the world.

You’d think that I’d be used to this. After all, I have people reading my blog from countries as far away as Romania, Brazil, and even Ghana. As a writer from the UK, that is pretty mind blowing. I guess I am one of that strange generation that is young enough (just about!) to remember growing up in a home without a computer. The internet made a funny little tune whenever we logged on, and you couldn’t talk on the phone at the same time.

If you had told me then that I would soon have my historical novels read by people from across the globe, I definitely would not have believed you! I still have to remind myself that this is really happening sometimes. Living by my pen gets a lot easier when I receive feedback and hellos from readers across the world that love what I write. Which is just of mental.

So: where are you from? I’d love to find out a little bit more about the people that are reading this blog and reading my books, so why not say hello in the comments? You can also like my page on Facebook and follow me on Twitter. Let’s see what the furthest place from me you hail from today!

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