Have you ever been left on the sidelines? Completely ignored? Passed over for another?

Then you know exactly how my latest heroine feels. Lady Charlotte St. Maur, spinster and chaperone, is tired of society and is ready to stop agreeing the chaperone the next generation – until she catches the eye of a rather dashing Major who has now ascended to a title…

The reviews for Always the Chaperone have been pouring it and I am so thrilled to see that so many of you love this book! I put much of myself into Lady Charlotte, and it’s an honour to see so many of you loving it.

Want to read it for yourself? Well hurry up – it’s just 0.99 at the moment!

Emily E K Murdoch's next book 'Always the Bridesmaid' is out now. A woman in a white dress carrying flowers is looking into the distance as though waiting for someone

2 Comments on “New book! Always the Chaperone

  1. Hello, Emily! I’ve just read Always the Chaperone and I loved it! So much so, I went looking for the third book in the collection. That’s when I found out you have just released it…
    Yes, I was looking for the third, because already read the first, of course. And when I read what Josiah was going to tell Wii, I thought “OMG!” And that was it… I’m feeling like crying… Please, share, with us, is there a deadline?
    Anyway, Great job! Congrats!


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