Thanks to such amazing reviews from my wonderful readers (that’s you!) the release date of Always the Bluestocking has been brought forward! That means you can grab it right now and lose yourself

Make sure you grab this gorgeous Regency romance and let me know what you think!

Always the bluestocking and never the bride – not that any woman should have to choose…

Book 6 in the bestselling series Never the Bride is now Available! Read FREE in Kindle Unlimited.

Miss Mariah Wynn was adopted and has spent her life attempting to prove herself worthy. Intelligent and witty, it’s nonetheless not a good idea to let a gentleman know you actually have brains. After all, no one marries the bluestocking, even if she is beautiful and but twenty one.

One man who laughs in the face of bluestockings is Patrick O’Leary, Viscount Donal. He knows the woman’s place, and that is most certainly in the home.

Until, that is, he sees Mariah attending a lecture at his alma mater. A woman – at university. He’s determined she won’t get an education. She’s ready to face down any ignorant man, title or no. A battle of intellect storms while a battle of desire fights under the surface.

Will Mariah and Patrick have enough focus to argue while every bone in their bodies wants to make love?

2 Comments on “‘Always the Bluestocking’ is waiting for you!

  1. I read all of the Never a Bride series and truly enjoyed them. However I was disappointed that you did not address the mystery of Mariah and her brother. I do look forward to the next one which I assume is Priscilla and the Duke. When can we expect your next one to come out?


    • Hi Lila – thank you so much for your comment! I’m thrilled that you’re enjoying my series, I am having a huge amount of fun writing them. I actually found writing Mariah and her brother very challenging and I’m thinking maybe of doing a prequel novella about their childhood. Would you like that? Priscilla and Charles are the next book, and it will be on pre-order very soon! Keep an eye out for ‘Always the Rival’!


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