SO: it’s Boxing Day, St Stephen’s Day, the day when leftovers are the only food in the house and you’re tired of charades. Does this mean Christmas is over? You’ve spent so long planning for it…is it all gone in 24 hours?

Not in the Murdoch household, at least! I love Christmas, and I don’t think it has to end just because the 25th December is over.

After all, there are twelve days of Christmas, and they end on January 5th! That means you can continue to enjoy Christmas music, watch those cheesy Christmas movies on Netflix (you are not the only one!), and even decide to have another Christmas dinner if you can stomach it!

Seriously though, for me, Christmas is about Jesus’ birth, and whether or not you are a Christian, it’s a wonderful time to value kindness, family, and gentleness.

None of that has to stop simply because the ‘day’ is over. Why not treat those as important and the centre of your days every day?

That’s certainly what I’ll be trying to do in 2021. See you there!

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