I don’t know about you, but I have found the last year very hard, and very strange.

Pandemics are not frequent. It’s hard to think of many people who have experienced two in their lifetime. Now that we have all gone through a pandemic, and that experience will be very different to each of us depending on what we personally had to face.

And now it’s changing. Freedom is coming.

Here in the UK, we have gone in and out of different lockdowns without a clear idea of when we will be able to return to normal…

…and now it feels like we’re getting there.

Going into lockdown has enabled me to write so much more than I would have done if I had friends and family filling up my weekends, and in a way, it’s hard to think how I will fit my life back into my life!

But with freedom comes more inspiration. I don’t want to get so dull in my life that my writing gets dull too.

How will you be spending your freedom? What do you want to do first?

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