You know, I never thought I would see a MILK CHURN on a romance cover. But you know what, it’s on mine, and I love it!

My Christmas Regency series which is launching one a week, every week for twelve weeks – and this week, it’s Eight Maids a Milking!

This series is super spicy and there are some scenes in this one that 🔥 oh my goodness!

Welcome to the exciting new holiday series from USA Today Bestselling author Emily E K Murdoch.

It’s 1815, with eight maids a milking – and Katarina cannot stay away from a servant…

Katarina Fitzroy is tired, tired of the Fitzroy Christmas traditions, tired of always doing things the same way, never going anywhere, never meeting anyone. It’s so dull.

Until a family friend arrives with a rather dashing coachman driving his horses. Isaac Emmett is everything Katarina is supposed to avoid. A servant, no gentleman, with no name, fortune, or title to boast.

But that doesn’t matter. Drawn to him in the cowsheds, Katarina finds herself lost in his eyes and desperate for his kisses. But Isaac is not all what he seems, and surprising revelations could break more than one heart this Christmas. Eight maids a milking while Katarina loses her heart in another cowshed – and she doesn’t know what she’s let herself in for.

She may be a maid at the moment, but Isaac may change that before Christmas Day…

Meet the Fitzroy family: twelve cousins falling in love over Christmastime!

This novella is a steamy Regency romance with a happily ever after, no cliffhangers, and is part of a series which can be read in any order – but follow the numbers down for the best reading experience!

Note: This series is part of Dragonblade’s Flame line, so this is a sexy, steamy, and scorching-hot read with multiple sex scenes. Be advised.

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1 Comment on “Have you grabbed it? Eight Maids a Milking!

  1. Hi Emily I had pre-ordered this so it on my kindle but I see in order to buy the book it has a delivery charge of $6.49. I’m wondering why as the other ones out in print have free shipping(prime membership). Do you remember me emailing you to ask if the books will be out in print? I believe the answer was no. Another question — the series is The Twelve Days of Christmas but there are only going to be 9 books🎄🎄. Hope you’re feeling much better and hopefully no lingering effects from the CoVid session. I actually had a very rotten summer — beginning in June I was off everything and the other thing I could tolerate was water and it had to be ice cold. This translated into a 20 pound weight loss by July. Then during an exceptionally hot spell I came down with heat stroke which laid me flat for 3 days and back in the water not that I was tolerating food. Anyway so far I’m nearing 35 – 40 pounds. This wasn’t exactly the way to do it but I did need to lose the weight. so i’s good thing healthwise. I’m waiting for the time when I’ll be able to go to the Keg and have my prime dinner. Right now I’m breaking a new bottom denture but my appetite has not really returned but am finally getting my sense of smell back. I tested negative for CoVid the times I had to get it done but had 4 major symptoms. I can’t say I’m feeling pretty good as I’m having a lot of pain and loss of use and dexterity in my right shoulder/arm — it’s been 16 months since the replacement surgery done and it is not really improving. I’ve seen the surgeon and go back next month but I’m afraid I will be bursting his optimistic bubble — he’s hoping the pain will at least settled down and basically be non existent.. I was having so much pain when attempting to use it so I had a bone scan which ruled out an infection but showed a screw loose(😂😂 literally) but does the doctor believe it no as I had an X-ray done last time I saw him –he preferred to go with the X-ray results(nothing showed up) rather than a 3-D scan. He doesn’t want to do the surgery as I gather it could be a difficult surgery with no guarantee(which I don’t totally expect) and it may not do any good but I also can’t go on this way. Guess it’s that he hasn’t done shoulder revisions(which hw has) but never a revision of a shoulder replacement. I gather he really had his work ‘cut out’ for him as it was a real mess in the joint. I’ve rambled on enough so will close. Have a lovely Sunday, Winter has come with a real vengeance — cold but not as much snow so far as what was forecasted but it is suppose to get really miserable starting tonight. So glad I’m still not driving — it was 2 years ago last month.

    Love Joyce


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