Okay, I have a lot of books out – and I receive quite a few emails from people asking where they should start. Which is a great question!

There is no perfect way to read my books, but I thought I’d put a few ideas here for you so that you can consider where you want to begin.

If you love sweet romances: you can read my medieval sweet romances here, and my Regency sweet romances here.

If you love Christmas romances: I have a whole Christmas series here!

If you love governesses: yup, I’ve got a whole series on them!

If you love steamy romances: I have an interconnected series, lots of friends, here – and a forced proximity linked series here!

If you love family saga: I have a multi-generational family saga here.

Hopefully this will help you to enjoy some of my books with a little more knowledge of what you’re getting into my books. There are so many, and if you find that one isn’t for you, then there are plenty of others for you to dive into!

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