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Never the Bride

Twelve ladies of the Regency ton who are convinced they will never marry – and the gentlemen who are determined to change their minds…

Over 120,000 happy readers of this series! Why not join them?

Ravishing Regencies

Perils, scandalous meetings, catastrophes, and at least one courtesan. It’s time to explore the world of Ravishing Regencies, when one night of passion can change everything…

Steamy Regency romance

Passionate kisses on the balcony, stolen steamy sessions in a library, ballroom frisson….

It’s all here.

If you love Bridgerton, if you want desperate kisses up a wall, courtesans teaching dukes how to make love, and the story to continue once the agreement has been made to wed…

Then you have come to the right place.

Read an Emily E K Murdoch romance now, and fall in love all over again.

What are readers saying?

After I read her first book I was hooked! I was left drenched, panting and wanting more. Besides I needed to find out what happened to the elusive Courtesan, Teresa Metcalfe…

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Christmas special

A Christmas spin-off of my Ravishing Regencies series!

Book 1 for 0.99

Try the first novel of my Never the Bride series!

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Escape into hedonistic adventure!

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