I love history so much! It’s one of the subjects that I studied at university, and in the UK that’s quite a big deal: typically, you only study one subject at university but I loved history and literature so much, I studied both!

When I first started writing historical romance, I was studying my Medieval Studies Masters at university, and so it seemed perfect timing to write a medieval romance series (which became Conquered Hearts).

After the successful publication of that series, my publishers asked me to write a Regency romance, and so I actually kind of fell into it! I loved the time period so much that I ended up writing six months in that series.

Then one of my author friends – the wonderful Melissa Storm – invited me to write a book in her romance world, and I wrote five books of the foundation of a small town in Texas.

And then I returned to Regency which I loved so much.

It’s hard to pick a favourite time period: I know the medieval era the best, in Regency I have the most fun, and 1840s Texas has challenged me the most!

What is your favourite?

3 Comments on “What is your favourite historical period?

  1. It depends on the area/people. For Europe, definitely medieval times. For North America, the wild west days. For most of Asia, the first half of the 20th century. For South America, the time spanned by the Mayan, Aztec, and Incan empires. Australia? I don’t know enough of its history to choose. For Africa, loosely the centuries during which Nubia and Egypt vied for supremacy. For Antarctica, the time The Thing ran rampant.

    My recent series is set in medieval Europe. I have a kids book set in the wild west. Planned projects include the Americas during the medieval period, Europe in pre-medieval times (with Atlantean-type influences), 20th century Atlanta, and today in Hawaii, along a somewhat different timeline.


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