Well, we’re only two weeks away from the last book in my Governess Bureau series being published (that’s A Governess of Wise Years, in case you missed it!) and I am feeling very bittersweet.

It’s always hard to end a series, especially if you have loved writing it. I adored everything about the Governess Bureau: the characters, the opportunities to bring my heroes and heroines together, the forbiddenness of the governess and the master…

It was why I was so excited to write this series.

But many of my readers have mentioned how sad they are that the series is coming to an end, and I have to say, I’m sad too!

There will only be six books in this series, which is one of my shortest series ever. My first series with Dragonblade, Never the Bride, was twelve books with a few spin off novellas, and I know many of my readers were hoping that my Governess Bureau series would continue that long.

But believe it or not, my idea for this series kind of walked into my mind with exactly six books. That’s never happened to me before, and so it was almost impossible to think about extending it.

A Governess of Wise Years completes the series, giving Miss Vivienne Clarke her own story, and in a few weeks it will be time to say goodbye to them all.

And honestly? It’s a little bittersweet; but I am so excited about what’s to come.

Make sure that you grab A Governess of Wise Years while it’s on 0.99 pre-order!

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