Again, if you’re not in the right head space for hearing about COVID, please skip this blog and I’ll see you next week!

As I shared in an earlier blog, I had COVID in March 2022 and it had a massive effect on my ability to write. For a time, I even had aphasia – that’s the difficulty in finding words.

Honestly, I ended up in tears because I was trying to explain something to my husband and I couldn’t think of the word ‘regret’.

It was bad.

Added to that, I had lots of exhaustion, like needing a nap every afternoon. And when I say need, I mean I was falling asleep at my desk if I didn’t put myself to bed…

I know that recovering from COVID could be a long journey, and I thought I was prepared for it – but the trouble is, when 100% of your income (and so much of your joy!) comes from being creative, it’s quite frightening to think that part of my brain might be gone.

I’m relieved to say that I’m almost back to full health. I’m not having sleeps every afternoon, though I am having a rest. I’m sleeping better, I’m able to go for my daily walk again…I’m very grateful to think that I’m almost there.

Conscious that not everyone feels this way, I am so grateful to be getting back onto my feet.

And it means that I can almost 100% commit to something exciting that will happening in July, so keep an eye out for that!

Thank you so much for all your support during this time! 🥰

2 Comments on “Author update: writing after COVID

  1. I can totally understand both my husband and myself had covid recently and it knocked us for six , not present at all , it will get bettter …….

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