Today I thought I’d share a snapshot of my desk!

Okay, not actually a snapshot. Believe it or not, I’m actually quite private about my home and my personal life. I’ll share a few cool things on my social media, and a very small amount with my newsletter subscribers.

So sorry, no actual photo!

But here are the things that are on my desk…right now.

  • My computer. It’s a Mac, it’s gorgeous, it’s faster than any Windows laptop I’ve ever had, and now I can’t live without it.
  • My printer. This has a scanner, which is absolutely essential for when I’m signing contracts with my publisher!
  • A desk lamp. This one! It’s so pretty, and I read somewhere that every room should have one item of furniture that is black, and this is mine.
  • A framed photo of myself and the husband, taken about twenty minutes after we got engaged 🥰
  • Water. All the water. Like, a 2 liter bottle of water that is refilled every morning, plus a variety of glasses.
  • A toilet roll! I always seem to have the sniffles now that I’m post-COVID, and it’s way easier to just have it here rather than have to reach for it.
  • A pen. Blue, which is unusual for me. Often I have a red one, but I’m out right now!
  • A tape measure. Honestly, I cannot remember why it’s here…

And that’s it! I truly try to keep my desk as clean of things as possible, and though it isn’t super clean in itself, there are very few things there that can distract me.

Now I’m off to try to work out what I was going to measure…

2 Comments on “What’s on my desk?

  1. I’m more of a clean desk person, because if there are too many objects (even those that help me), I tend to get distracted easily. This is such a cool post to write, and I have to admit, I was looking forward to pics, lol. But yes to Macs, and I’m really considering the M1 models. Anyway, thanks for this post!


    • My pleasure! Maybe one day I’ll get round to taking a photo, but my phone camera isn’t great! 😅


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