Okay, I’m just going to come out and admit it: I have an obsession with Christmas.

I adore it! The food, the sense of excitement in the air, the joy at seeing my loved ones…I just love it. And that is how I have somehow managed to have…fourteen Christmas books coming out this year.


Twelve of them are my new series, TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS, which is exactly what you’d expect! Aren’t these covers absolutely gorgeous? The first two are up for pre-order, and the whole series will be coming out one a week, every week, for the 12 weeks leading up to Christmas. Get ready to unwrap one as a treat to yourself, every week!

Follow each of the Fitzroy women as they cause nothing but scandal and intrigue across the ton and try to keep their exploits quiet...

It’s 1813, and twelve drummers drumming are about to bring love into Jemima’s life…

Jemima Fitzroy is tired of being ignored by her loud, rambunctious family – especially as she attempts to campaign for veterans in a world that doesn’t appreciate them.

Soldiers are returning home from Napoleonic France, and Captain Hugh Rotherham knows he will never be the same again. Not just because of what he’s seen, but because of what he’s seeing right now: a startlingly beautiful woman who stirs something so passionate in it, the drumming of his heart matches that of his regiment.

Jemima knows she shouldn’t be meeting this soldier without her family’s knowledge. Hugh knows he cannot cross the line from respectability to scandal.

It doesn’t matter. Twelve drummers drumming will change their lives – and the rhythm that can tease out exquisite pleasure…pre-order now!

It’s 1813, with eleven pipers piping – but only one has caught Harmony’s eye…

Harmony Fitzroy never expected to fall into the spotlight. Her musical talents finally recognized, despite her shyness she’s offered an invitation: to participate in the Christmas Eve Concert at the Assembly Rooms in Bath. If only a fellow musician hadn’t caught her eye, she’d be able to focus on the music.

David Navarre is everything Harmony knows she shouldn’t go near; a gentleman of dark handsome looks, sparkling wit, and absolutely no money. But David has a secret – one he’s left behind in Manchester, a scandal he doesn’t want high society in Bath to discover. Especially Harmony.

His eleven pipers piping are drawing a crowd, but that’s the last thing Harmony wants. She has to marry for money, but he’s about to teach her how their bodies can play a new melody together…pre-order for 0.99 now!

And just in case that wasn’t enough to tempt your appetite, my wonderful publishers at Dragonblade are re-releasing two short novellas which were parts of Christmas boxsets from years ago. Make sure to grab them!

Always under mistletoe but never the bride – but not this Christmas…

Lady Prudence Lennox is of age, and tired of being treated like a child. Her brothers are married and settled but they still think of her as their baby sister, which is growing increasingly irritating.

Especially when the Reverend Michaels is visiting for Christmas.

He’s only four years older than her but has never seen her as a woman before – and she’s determined that this Christmas as they meet under the mistletoe, all that is going to change…read for 0.99 now!

Always the reverend but never the groom – but not this Christmas…

Joseph never thought that becoming a vicar would separate him completely from his flock – and all marital prospects.
But this Christmas, he’s back with his sister and thinking wistfully of the lady in his congregation that he cannot take his eyes off.

Who has suddenly appeared in Bristol.

Will he be able to escape the trappings of his position, and speak openly to the woman he loves?…read for 0.99 now!

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