If you thought Coral was bold, you couldn’t find a sister more unlike her: Emerald is the biggest wallflower in the ton and has a bargain with her mother to end the family search for her husband…

Yup, THE CONTRARY DEBUTANTE is out and you can click here to grab it now

Welcome to book 3 in The de Petras Saga from USA Today Bestselling Author Emily E K Murdoch!

Emerald de Petras will not get married, and her rambunctious family cannot make her.

The definition of a wallflower, Emerald hates Society: all those people looking at her, judging her, pointing and gossiping about her family. She won’t have it, and she’ll never marry and provoke even more tittle tattle.

She is hardly a debutante anymore, however, and her contrary ways forces her mother to make a desperate agreement. Emerald will attend ten more balls this Season…and then no more. She’ll be freed from her obligation to her family to marry, and that will be an end to it.

Delighted to find a way out, it was rather inconvenient that Robert Ainsworth, Marquis of Swindmore, decided she was a challenge.

After all, what recently divorced man didn’t want a challenge?

Following a humiliating divorce, he’s just about managed to keep quiet. Robert sees something in Emerald that no one else does. Wallflower, yes—but there’s something deep and passionate in those shy green eyes.

As Emerald tries to fight the growing attraction she knows can go nowhere, and Robert begins to realize his teasing flirtation is becoming so much more, there’ll be scandal despite both their best efforts before long.

Can a contrary debutante with no wish to marry and a Marquis with no faith left in love find something truly special?

This full length novel is a steamy Regency romance with a happily ever after, no cliffhangers, and is part of a series that can be read in any order, but is best enjoyed in sequence.

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