I think if we’re honest, all of us know that we have only managed to achieve what we’ve achieved because of other people.

Whether that’s a practical helping hand, a bit of advice, encouragement, whatever it is…we are social creatures. Success, in any field, is because others have helped.

I didn’t know any authors when I was first starting out on my journey, and that’s why I was so excited to have the opportunity to mentor two young people through Arts Emergency’s work experience scheme.

Arts Emergency is an award-winning mentoring charity and support network. Our Network members share opportunities, contacts and advice so that young people can flourish in higher education and the cultural industries.

This summer, I’ll be mentoring two young people (each have their own week!) remotely, giving them an insight into what it takes to be a writer, the business of writing, the craft of writing…

It’s going to be incredible. How do I know that?

Because young people, given the chance, always create something incredible.

Each of them will be hosting a guest blog on my website at the end of the summer, so look out for those!

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